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Mostly Red Deer, because of several features and advantages they have over the smaller fallow deer. These include deeper flavours, a more distinctive richer colour and naturally larger cutting lines that means much improved portioning with less waste.

As a venison producer for over 35 years, we’ve seen a lot and heard many claims over what venison is best.  We do not hold a biased viewpoint.  We simply provide what the majority of chefs demand – consistency in flavour, texture, colour and aroma.  Red Deer venison clearly offers such attributes.  However, should fallow be the venison of choice, then of course we can offer this also.

That comment is correct, at times some old stags are processed.  However the same goes for any deer species, not just Red Deer.  Because we choose which deer are processed and how they are handled , we can carefully manage such venison to ensure that any less than a premium product does not reach your kitchen.

Short answer – smallgoods, eg: metwurst, sausages, hamburger mince etc.

Vacuum packed and chilled.  If it is frozen, we will tell you at the time you place your order.

Yes we do, but only upon individual request.

It is a special reserve venison from Elk – we have on our farm one of the very few remaining breeding herds of Elk in Australia. We selectively process just a small number each year. It provides the X factor for special occasion dining.

This is a very important question and we need stress the following answer.  With Hahndorf Venison farmed deer we can absolutely guarantee a sound chemical free dietary intake.  We are extremely vigilant and are subject to statutory administered random chemical and antibiotic residue testing. The same cannot be said for wild venison – who knows what freshly chemically treated pastures they’ve been grazing on or what poisons they have ingested.  Furthermore, wild deer shot for venison do not contribute to the National Residue Survey, a independent body that conducts random chemical residue testing of meat for human consumption


If our venison is in a supermarket, we immediately compromise delivering the quality we have built into our product, both in service and dining pleasure.  You will not see Hahndorf Venison on a supermarket shelf.

You can contact us direct to discuss your specific requirement and we will arrange to either deliver to you or you might like to pick up your order from our processing establishment at Hahndorf, a pleasant 20 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD.


We try to restrict delivery to Tuesday and Thursday of each week where possible.

We do not use couriers.  We provide our own Government Approved refrigerated transport throughout the Adelaide metro area.  For regional and interstate, we provide delivery to your nominated Government Approved refrigerated freight transport depot.

On The Farm

We provide a no stress, free range, farm environment.

In autumn, winter and spring, our deer enjoy a variety of lush grasses and pastures of the Adelaide Hills region.  During summer they happily munch away on locally grown barley, fresh locally sourced lucerne, oaten and clover hay, with a mixture of summer pastures of phalaris and strawberry clovers.